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BexSimon Artist Blacksmith – Female Metalworker

As an Artist Blacksmith, Bex Simon has a fascination with metal. It is hard and strong, yet malleable and ­fluid when crafted under heat using ancient forging techniques. When it cools, it’s hard properties return, but the movement and life remains, encapsulated in the art work, as if frozen.

Bex is inspired by shapes in nature, textures, patterns and contrasts. As an Artist Blacksmith, she loves exploring these forms using the traditional blacksmith craft, together with more contemporary ways of manipulating the metal into striking modern forms.

Bex’s work is comprised of; high end interiors furniturebespoke metal work commissions, which include iron gates and railings, as well as sculptural formscast iron kitchenware sold into retail outlets under license; and large public arts commissions.

To find out more about her work, take a look through our bespoke metalwork pages and get in touch.

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