A letter to Richard Branson

Dear Richard,

After watching the documentary about Necker Island, wow what an amazing looking place, I felt inspired to write to you.

My name is Bex Simon an Artist Blacksmith but this letter is not really about me it’s about my Dad.

You, Richard, are a very inspirational man, who has the most fantastic work ethics, I have read your books, took me a while because I am dyslexic, hence why I swing a hammer for a living.  My Dad is very similar to you, well not in looks (he looks a cross between Clive Sinclair and Kenny Everett), working extremely hard all his life, having us 4 kids with my wonderful Mum and teaching us to be go getters, kind to people and work hard. He is a Genius when it comes to writing computer programs and every year enjoys going to Glastonbury Festival. He is the most optimistic man I know, which helps being an entrepreneur.

‘I get knocked down but I get up again, you’re never going to keep me down’ , Chumbawamba

So you’re probably thinking, what am I working up to, coz I have a tendency to waffle. I will give you an insight to my proposal. My Dad has spent the last 6 years writing a computer program for a ‘People lending to People’ web site, yes this has been done before and there are some hugely successful companies out there but what makes my Dad’s different is there is a larger choice offered to both the lender and borrower and it is all fully automated. You can also buy the software, so you could develop a Virgin Peer to Peer lending site your self, that would run along side Virgin Money. Blimey look at me telling you of all people what you could do, I mean I don’t own my own ‘Becker Island’ *climbs back down from my pedestal*.

10 years ago my trusting Dad was ousted from his own company by a board room coup. They believed they could take over his company but in reality destroyed it because they got rid of him. After getting back up again and dusting himself off, he started building a new company and in that time selling all his assets to fund them. He is nearly 70 and spends the whole time on the computer, my poor Mum’s eyebrows keep falling out due to the stress and recons in her next life she wants to come back as a lap top because she thinks he would pay her more attention if she were.

‘If you haven’t got hope, you’re hopeless’, Tim Simon.

He strives on the business bug and will always have to work. He is currently doing a formal fund raising but it is getting critical, he would be slightly mortified, if he knew I was writing this but I can blame it on my bipolar. Well what’s the point in being slightly mad if you can’t use it to your advantage?

Not only is this an amazing business investment but this system is the future of banking. I can’t do a business pitch to you but my Dad could. There are many benefits if you gave my Dad this opportunity, my Mum is a wonderful potter and would throw you anything, my little brother make’s brilliant promotional video’s, along with his wife and they are both amazing kite surfers, who also strum out lovely duets on the guitar, my other brother and wife is a bone surgeon and doctor, very handy if you break something, my sister is a neonatal nurse and teaches breast feeding, just in case you have a few problems :-/ and her husband is a pilot and fly’s BA *clears throat and quickly changes subject* and if you are ever in need of a stunning pair of handmade metal gates, I’m your man, well, woman. So the benefits are huge. *breaths*

My Dad’s name is Tim Simon and his web site is www.lendloaninvest.co.uk contact number 0203 362 6521, mobile 07712131513.
Seriously all joking aside please have a look and let me know if this is something you could consider.

Your Sincerely
P.S commissioning a gate would also be a great investment because it will be worth millions one day *slightly creepy winking smiley face*

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