Artistic Gates and Railings

“Some people spend a fortune making their home beautiful but then stick an ugly barrier across the front.” From bespoke metal artistic gates to entire railings, Bex Simon can create something to compliment and enhance any property.

Driveway Artistic Gates

Cascading Artistic Gates – An uninspiring 5-bar gate was upcycled to create this wonderful piece of art, which offers privacy without appearing as a solid barrier. Inspired by MacIntosh, Klimt and Beadsley, this Art Nouveau piece contrasts the fine textures of leaves against the plate of metal.

Side Gates

Country Life Gates – The clients wanted these artistic gates to be fun, and to reflect the countryside around their Hertfordshire home, and so using familiar images of the English countryside – poppies, dragonflies, caterpillars – Bex has created a vibrant, eye-catching piece.

Artistic Garden Gates

Fossil Gate – This was designed and created purely for display at the Hampton Court and Chelsea Flower Shows. This gate combines modern style with prehistoric motifs, and works on a pivot, rather than a rigid square frame, giving the appearance of floating.

Front Gates

Champagne and Roses Gate – These artistic gates were designed to meet the clients brief – she simply loves Champagne and lives in a house called Rose Cottage. Other influences the flight paths from where she met her late partner, working on the airlines, and the diamond motif.  This artwork, creates a unique and complimentary feature for her home.

Juliet Balcony Railings

Richmond Grasses Railing – The client’s home backed on to Richmond Park and they wanted something that fitted in with that when viewed from inside and outside. The swirling contour lines are representative of trees, and the discs, when viewed from beneath, becomes circles, like lily-pads.

Boundary Railings

Japanese Railings and Artistic Gates – Art Nouveau and organic imagery are becoming common themes in contemporary blacksmithing, so here Bex decided to take that idea back to its roots. Looking to the Japanese block prints which inspired the Art Nouveau movement, Bex has created a piece full of fluid, organic curves.