Garden Accessories

From larger pieces of furniture to smaller, decorative items, Bex can create practical and beautiful artwork to suit any outdoor space.

Garden Furniture

Dandelion Clock Chair – This was created as a showpiece, and attracted a lot of attention. Some see dandelions as weeds, others see the beauty in them. Bex has represented that beauty in this throne-like chair, which has the added benefit that whoever sits in it looks like they’re having a brilliant idea!

Fire Pits

ROM Chip Fire Pit – Bex has always had an obsession with circuit boards, and here combines the matrix simplicity of computer systems with the primal power of fire. This portable piece is elegant and fun, and when the fire is lit the arms on the side appear to dance.


Anthurium Garden Sculpture – Inspired by a vase of anthuriums in a Thai restaurant, Bex designed these garden accessories to sell at the RHS Flower Shows, Chelsea and Hampton Court – they sold out of course, but are now available from various galleries and from Bex herself.


Birdbath and Feeder – Using the lovely curved lines of the Art Nouveau movement, this piece is both functional and beautiful, a sculpture with purpose, created to a client’s specification using traditional techniques and materials.


Wall Art: Disorder – This external, outdoor piece was inspired by the internal make-up of natural matter – brain synapses, bronchial pipes, vein networks, an ever-growing organic mass. Crafted from hammered metal tubes, welded together and wire-brushed to accentuate the effects of weathering.

Wall Art – Disorder                                       

Tin Shed – This is an example of the ethereal paradox of metal objects: created from hammered steel tubes, treated with a chemical to bring out the green finish, this shed was created for a reason – to keep Bex dry at shows and exhibitions – but due to space constraints it was eventually recycled into other projects.