Money For Nothing – Up-cycle TV

We recently took another step on to the small screen with a new day time series called Money For Nothing on BBC One in which we up-cycled other peoples junk. After my previous TV ventures with ‘High Street Dreams’, a BBC One prime time show about entrepreneurs, I was a little apprehensive to get involved again. However, given the light hearted spirit of this new day time show, we thoroughly enjoyed making and filming the show.

The show features presenter, Sarah Moore, who rescues items from being bumped at the tip and with the help of nine other designers, up-cycles them into bespoke interior items for the home. We were the resident Artist/Blacksmith-metalworkers.

It was actually a really nice change for us as we normally work on larger scale projects for Public and private commissions. I really wanted to take on the challenge of up-cycling people’s throw away items. Breathing new life into old ‘junk’ is fun and tests your design ability because you’re not starting from scratch, and you want the final up-cycled piece to be unique.

With 27 million tons of waste put into land fill sites in the UK alone, to up-cycle as many discarded items as possible has to be a little better for the environment.

We were given 5 piece to up-cycle:  An old sack barrow, a bath, a cast iron down pipe, a kitchen work top and a car spring.

The up-cycled pieces:

Upcycled bath to chairUpcycled bath to chair


Up-cycled downpipeUp-cycled down pipe to chaise longueUp-cycled down pipe to chaise longue

Up-cycled car springDesigner light <u>up-cycle</u>d from a car spring

Up-cycled worktopUp-cycled kitchen worktop table

Up-cycled sack barrowUp-cycled sack barrow coffee table


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