Bex produces large scale bespoke metalwork public art designs and commissions for all manner of projects within the public realm.  Working with a highly skilled team of Artist Blacksmiths, her metalwork art projects have taken on many forms and structures, including bespoke sculptural metalwork pieces to large scale architectural metal gates.

Experienced in dealing with the standard forms of building contracts, working as nominated sub-contractor or specialist contractor, and working with Local Authorities on metalwork public arts projects financed through s.106 agreements, Bex is able to apply her unique artistic designs to almost any project for the public domain.

Her Public Arts services include consultation with the project stakeholders, presentation of ideas and concepts, detailed design, production and project management.

Depending on the commission Bex can either work as the Metalwork Artist Consultant only, and collaborate on the production with others or take the project through from artistic concept  to finalised installation herself.

Sculptural Public Art

Coral – Bex’s first piece of public art, commissioned for the Kidlington Shopping Centre, and collaborated on with Stuart Watson, is a heavily fabricated piece which combines traditional and modern metalwork techniques. Taking the shape of coral as inspiration, it fans out from the base plinth, exploring textures and organic images.

Gates and Railings

Lucy Cavendish – Taking the school’s shield as a starting point, this large decorative piece features waterlilies as its central motif. The design is heavily influenced by the Art Nouveau movement, and though grand in scale – back gates, double front gates, railings – it is full of lovely little details.


Wool Gate Place – Clients McCarthy & Stone briefed Bex to create a large gate for this complex of retirement homes in Chichester. Drawing on the area’s heritage, she used design emblems representing the area’s links with the wool trade – wool, wool combs – to create this impressive façade.

Commission Public Art Metalwork Sculptures

To commission the UK’s most exciting and innovative designer of modern metalwork public art commissions, contact Bex Simon here.