Upcycling and other gigs

A key part of Bex’s ethos is in finding unique and creative ways to approach problems. Bex loves a design challenge! Discovering new techniques and experimenting with metal can produce some innovative results. As the resident blacksmith in BBC One’s hit ‘Money for Nothing’ show, her unique skills have been broadcast to millions globally.  Here are some examples of creativity in action.

Money for Nothing (BBC TV)

Sack Barrow Table – Whilst working on the first series of BBC1’s Money For Nothing Bex was challenged to turn this sack-barrow into a coffee table, which she duly did, reflecting the barrow’s shapes to hold the glass. Now on its third series, Bex loves the test of design and creativity, and the show has led to further collaborative business ventures, upcycling and repurposing items that otherwise would have been scrapped.

Creative Bex

There is always more to learn. Despite being qualified, experienced and established, Bex is currently back at college taking a Level 3 Blacksmithing course in Design and Forgeworking Skills, which gives her an opportunity to revisit the reams of design-filled notebooks, expanding her portfolio, practising different traditional blacksmithing techniques, sling-shotting them into the future with the application of innovative design and metalworking practices.

Other Gigs

Kettle Chips Advertisement – This was an exciting opportunity for Bex to attempt a technique she’d never tried before – an inflation. Created by Elizabeth Brim, one of her female blacksmith idols, this technique involves welding two sheets of steel together with a pipe poking out. When the whole piece is heated to the correct temperature, air is blown in through the pipe and the piece inflates like a pillow or, in this case, like a packet of crisps!